Hair recovery treatment



Ingredients that gently cleans and nourishes the scalp 


Sage is a purifying, antimicrobial, antiseptic and astringent botanical that is a tremendous conditioner for the hair.  It not only has an active agent to eliminate hair loss but it strengthens and thickens the current hair shaft as well.  Ylang ylang has been used for a long time by Indian ayurvedic medicine to combat hair loss. It is believed to stimulate hair growth.


While rosemary is a strong circulatory stimulant for the hair follicles and a stimulant for hair growth. It brings good blood flow to the scalp and causes histamine release, which stimulates cell division, encouraging new hair growth. It is a purifying, antimicrobial, antiseptic, astringent agent that stimulates the hair root to grow hair.  It also adds sheen and helps to prevent hair from falling out.  

Contains Nettles that does more than just reduce DHT. Nettles helps stimulate your hair growth and fights against thinning. It is rich in vitamins A and C, and a wide range of minerals including iodine, silicon, and sulfur; all especially good for the hair.  It is a profound source for mucilage and amino acids that the hair follicle requires for proper growth.  It has stimulating qualities which help increase the blood circulation to the scalp.  

The herbs in this formulation are known to have a history of promoting healthy hair growth, preventing the shedding of hair, restoring hair on balding areas and possessing a nervine quality. 


Scalp massage

The scalp and hair follicles may benefit from scalp massage. It helps to stimulate blood flow, which will enrich the area and also promote a healthier head of hair. Using your fingertips (not the nails), and slowly massage in circles from the base of the neck up and all over the scalp.  In recent times, hair and scalp have become the target of many ailments. Many problems are associated with hair and scalp damage.


Drastic or premature hair loss  caused by:
1. Stress and bodily weakness from overwork.
2. Dietary imbalances or nutritional deficiency.
3. Using abrasive shampoos, hair lacquers, dyes and bleaching, etc.
4. Endocrine disorder.
5. Genetic factors.
6. Infectious diseases.
7. Hormonal metabolic changes in lactating women.
8. Nutrient and protein deficiencies in the hair cells.



Whenever possible, you should let your hair dry naturally instead of using a hairdryer, and try to find a style that does not require an iron. Avoid wearing hats that can rub on your scalp, causing bald patches.


Hair can be lost to improper care and damage. If you over color your hair, over style it, or abuse it with irons and use blow dryers too often, you can be in line for some major hair fall out.


Naturalis hair recovery treatment   

How do I apply the hair recovery treatment?

Naturalis hair recovery treatment is a topical treatment that you massage into  the scalp once daily. We recommend that you leave it overnight and wash out with gentle shampoo the next morning as the optimum time for cell regeneration is during sleep but it is not necessary. Alternatively, leave it for at least one to two hours before washing out with a gentle shampoo. Hair recovery treatment application use on a daily basis produced the fastest results. While hair recovery treatment application on a three times a week produced good results.

"I have just started noticing an increase in my hair loss. Will your product stop my hair loss even though I don't have a receding hair line or bald spots?"  

In many individuals suffering with a recurring anxiety/stress/shock syndrome, which manifests itself as loss of hair in random patches on the scalp. Application of   hair recovery treatment encouraged the lost hair to recover and the next episode of stress did not precipitate loss of the recovered hair. Protection was seen. What was also noted was that if the hair recovery treatment was applied immediately after or shortly after the stress episode, the hair recovered sooner.

If the application was made some time after, then the recovery took longer. It then appears that the rule is: time taken to loose the hair is related to time taken for hair to recover; in a direct proportion so that if hair loss was over a long period of time then it will take a relatively long period of time to recover and vice versa.

In women because the hair grows faster, results are seen relatively quickly, in men this takes longer.   

“How hair recovery treatment nourishes hair follicles?"

The formulation contains the essential amino acids specifically required for hair shaft growth . Natural botanical  herbs are also used in this formulation. The herbs chosen have a history of promoting healthy hair growth, preventing the shedding of hair, restoring hair on balding areas and possessing a nervine quality. The nerve supply is more than sensory in nature. As we know, most tissues in the human body require a nerve supply to exist and perform.  

“What type of results were observed? "

The rate of hair fallout was minimised and approached zero in the majority of applicants after using   the cream . This effect was continued even if the product was not used for 2 months or longer. Existing hair grew 2 to 3 times thicker and faster, a lustrous sheen developed. The hair tended to grow out darker in color and gray hair growth was minimized. 

"How quickly will I see results?"

Results vary with factors such as age of user, length of time hair has been falling out, and the cause of the problem. Genetics is clearly an important factor when it comes to balding.

Evidence of new hair growth was evident in women after 6-8 weeks.

In men new hair growth take longer time  4-5 months. The type of hair grew was terminal, preceded in many cases by vellus.   In other cases, vellus and terminal appeared simultaneously.In men with male pattern baldness, the hair grew from the edges towards the center of the bald area.  

"Do I need to continue using this product after a desired effect is achieved?"

It is concluded that once the hair recovers it is advisable to use hair recovery treatment on a monthly basis for maintenance.  

"Can women use the product?"

Women who have tried Naturalis hair recovery treatment have experienced great success as well.  This all-natural formula has appealed to women as well and who are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair. 

More on natural healing for hair loss

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